What is Good for a Change?

Our mission is to build community among diverse people. To show our children, elected officials, and our fellow citizens that we will dedicate time and money to build a society in which people look out for one another regardless of perceived differences.

We are a grassroots movement consisting of all ages, all people who are willing to be the change they wish to see and who will give effort toward cultivating a culture of  compassion, kindness, and respect. 


What we do is bring diverse people together to perform acts of kindness in the local community. We demonstrate that 'compassion, not hate or bigotry, drive our nation'.** 


We measure success by the number of children who participate, the number of elected officials who participate, and the number of lives in our commmunity positively impacted through our collective actions.



** Quote is from US Senator Patty Murray, written in a personal letter commending Good for a Change. 

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