Brighton Playfield Clenaup 

Volunteers Clean Brighton Playfield With A Message: Diversity Makes America Great


Seattle, WA - State Senator Rebecca Saldana and Seattle City Council candidate Pat Murakami joined local residents who have felt frustrated by what they view as hateful rhetoric and policies from national leadership. Joining together to make a difference locally and nationally, 41 volunteers walked through Brighton Playfield with trash bags in their hands and a message on their backs: Diversity Makes America Great.


This was the fourth event by the grassroots movement taking shape known as Good for a Change. The effort is being organized by Jeff Shulman, a marketing professor at the University of Washington who wants to remind people of American ideals. “E pluribus unum, on all our coins, means ‘Out of Many, One.’ We embrace being a diverse people who come together in one nation. This is not a Democrat motto or a Republican motto. It is the motto of the United States of America. We cannot let this be forgotten,” Shulman said.


In addition to Sen. Saldana and Murakami, many teachers and children from the Cham Refugees Community contributed their efforts in cleaning the community park.


In its first month, Good for a Change has seen over 100 volunteers contribute over 200 volunteer hours in removing 80 bags of trash from community spaces.



Others interested in building a better future by doing good today can learn about future events at According to Shulman, “Good for a Change is not an organization. It is a movement; a philosophy that we can be the change we want to see. Anyone can wear the shirt and make positive change in their community while asking for change in rhetoric and policies of our national leadership.”


Next, Good for a Change will be coordinating a Teen Feed on October 15th. Details here. 


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